Quarantine Blues? Chocolate could be the antidote...

For the first time in known history, the entire human race is facing a common problem. And yet, each of us is experiencing it through our own unique perspective. We’re also each given the choice of how to manage our response to it.

The path we’ve chosen at 21 Degrees Estate is that of action, reflection, and the firm belief that we will get through this by working together. And hard work. The simple practices of sharing and helping, in whatever form they take, go a long way.

We're plugging away at the daily needs of farming which can't be accomplished by a zoom meeting or telecommute! We are actively maintaining and harvesting our orchards and continuing to process these extraordinary beans through fermentation and drying and into some extraordinary chocolate!

We continue to take care of our animals and are getting to some construction and organization projects we hadn't had time to do before.

In short, as much as we miss our wonderful visitors for tours and tastings, farm to table events, cocoa and flow wellness goat yoga and our private venue events, we are preparing and improving and getting ready to make your future visits and experiences even BETTER!

At the heart of 21 Degrees Estate, though, is that we are first and foremost a cacao farm which strives to grow the best cacao in the world to make the best chocolate in the world! That means growing a high-flavor profile cacao in an exquisite volcanic tropical terroir, yes. But it also involves employing organic farming practices, permaculture, diversification and a passion for excellence in all we do.

In a time where we are perhaps made more aware of our health and humanity's sometime fragile existence, we invite you to take this time to learn more about:

Why Cacao is So Good for You....

A quick primer on why cacao is arguably the healthiest thing you can put into your body.

- King of Antioxidants: As measured by ORAC value, cacao is one of the most antioxidant-rich foods on earth—even more so than all-stars like goji berries, acai, and blueberries.

- Better than Caffeine: Cacao is the single richest source of theobromine of any food in the world. Theobromine is a naturally-occurring stimulant in the same chemical family as caffeine, but it’s longer-lasting than caffeine and less jittery.

- Cognitive Function: Theobromine and other flavonols in cacao help improve cognitive function—not only the same day you consume it, but also cumulatively over the long-term as we age.

- Mood-Enhancing: Cacao has multiple chemical compounds with measurable mood-enhancing properties, including: serotonin and serotonin precursors like tryptophan; a neurotransmitter called phenylethylamine (also known as “the love drug”); and the body’s own naturally-occurring antidepressant called anandamide (known as “the bliss molecule”).

- Skin Health: Flavonols in cacao help regulate skin health at a genetic level, boosting collagen and “significantly” reducing wrinkles caused by exposure to the sun.

- Teeth Health: Believe it or not, but theobromine actually protects tooth enamel from erosion. Theobromine even beat fluoride in a head-to-head competition.

THE MAIN TAKE-AWAY: Cacao is arguably the healthiest thing you can put into your body. It allows you to operate at a high level and helps you feel good throughout the day. It’s also one if the highest sources of magnesium and iron.

If you're looking for single origin cacao products and chocolate of the highest quality, you can purchase 21 Degrees Estate chocolate and chocolate and cacao products through our FB or online shop at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/21degreesestate/shop/?ref=page_internal


Be well. Stay Calm and Cacao on!

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