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Did you know that cacao (and the subsequent chocolate made from that cacao) is similar to wine in that reflects the specific nuances of its single-origin terroir and applellation? But unlike wine, because cacao's typical harvest season spans nearly 10 full months in Hawai`i, the pods harvested during the different changing conditions and seasons during the harvest season, lend dramatically different tasting notes to the flavor profiles--all in a single harvest season! Vive la diversity!

Our earthy, deep-bodied Autumn bars hint at caramel and bourbon, while our more mellow Winter Harvest bars take on a floral and nutty profile before Spring swoops in and preens with its bright, tropical fruit-y goodness. Choose your favorite or buy a seasonal sampler and savor and compare all three in a wine/cheese/chocolate pairing flight with friends and family!

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  • 21 Degrees Estate Limited Edition 2023 Winter Harvest 70% Cacao Seasonal Dark Chocolate Bar
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