Single-Origin Brewing Chocolate

21 Degrees Estate Cacao Farm
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About: This mix of crushed cacao beans brews like coffee. Create a nutritious, herbal hot chocolate or mix with coffee and loose leaf teas. 

Directions: Steep 2 Tbsp per cup in hot water using an infuser, coffee maker or French press. Steep more 2 Tbsp more for 2 minutes longer for a darker brew. Great served hot or iced. Add milk, cream, honey, sugar or cinnamon for extra flavor! 

To brew beer: Add this bag to the mash and/or boil for a 5 gallon recipe. A great inclusion for any recipe, especially chocolate stouts, porters & dark ales. 

Details: 8oz bag. Single origin cacao made in Oahu, Hawaii. Ingredients: roasted cacao.